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Supernatural Episode Discussions and Fun Polls!
I'm a huge fan of Supernatural, I love speculating and discussing the show, characters and episodes. There don't seem to be a lot of comms out there that offer just that. So I made this comm, a place where you can come to post your theories, thoughts, speculations and just discuss the show. There are rules of course, if we all follow them, this will be an awesome community for hardcore Supernatural fans discussions :)

1st Rule: (No character bashing)
Everyone has a right to their own opinions, they have the right to agree with you or disagree with you. They also have the right to defend their favorite character on the show, all I ask is that it be done without the bashing and belittling of the other characters.

Deangirl: Dean was so awesome this episode. He was the hero, not his snot nose brother Sam, who is a hypocrite and treats Dean like crap!

Samgirl: If anyone was a snot nose brother it's Dean. He's the biggest hypocrite of them all and treats the random chicks he picks up at the bar better than he treats Sam!

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2nd Rule: (No actor bashing)
I'm sure you know what I mean by this one.

Jaredgirl: Jared was so awesome in this episode. He hit the nail right on the head. Jensen on the other hand really sucked.

Jensengirl: Are you kidding me. Jared was horrible! He can't act.

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You don't have to think Jensen shits rainbows and Jared is a Greek God. But you don't have to be nasty about it either. If you really don't like the actor, then skip the comment and move on, don't bash them and make the fan that was praising them feel like crap.

3rd Rule: (No fangirl bashing)
Hey! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and they have a right to voice those opinions without being called - stupid, retarded, bitch and every other hurtful name in the dictionary.

fangirl1: I loved the episode it was so awesome. Both guys were great in it :)
fangirl2: I hated it! It was a retarded episode and anyone who liked it is a retard!
fangirl1: F*** You bitch! You're the retard.

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5th Rule:
*DISCUSS. That's why I made this comm, to talk about the show. Not about the actors lives, but about their roles as Sam and Dean Winchester.
*THEORIZE. I've read so many awesome refreshing theories from fans that have lead to epic long discussions. That's what I'm hoping this comm turns into :D
*SPECULATE. Even if you might think it lame, post it cause chances are we all have thought the same thing and just are too chicken to post it our selves ;)
*HAVE FUN! Seriously guys, it's a fictional show with fictional characters. We're not trying to find a cure for Cancer.